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Influencers in Multifamily: Team Queens of Dwight Capital LLC

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GlobeSt | October 9, 2023

TEAM QUEENS OF DWIGHT CAPITAL LLC The journey of Dwight Capital LLC’s team Queens began in 2014 when partner Brandon Baksh joined the firm as its seventh employee. Since then, the team has gained three senior originators, a junior originator and an originations analyst. With a competitive mindset, the team challenges and inspires each member to push their limits and strive for excellence. Baksh and his team have impacted the multifamily real estate field by establishing themselves as trusted advisors and experts in FHA financing who can navigate complex financing processes. The team’s comprehensive approach includes identifying potential loan opportunities by evaluating market trends, property performance and the financial viability of projects; engaging in the loan procurement process, which involves establishing relationships with developers, property owners and other industry professionals; and closing loans by collaborating with clients, underwriters and legal professionals to ensure all necessary documentation and requirements are met for loan approval and finalization. As of 2023, Baksh and his team have closed more than $2.5 billion in FHA financing. In 2020, the team closed the largest new construction HUD loan in Arizona at that time. The loan, valued at $55 million, was secured for the Aviva Goodyear project, which consisted of 286 units. The team closed the largest refinance in both Arizona and Georgia in 2023. In Arizona, it closed a $75 million loan for the San Norterra project with 388 units, and in Georgia, it secured a $66 million loan for the Woodstock West project with 407 units. In addition to these notable projects, the team’s collective efforts have resulted in closing a total of $1.5 billion in loans nationwide during the past three years. Furthermore, the team’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its business practices. Throughout the past three years, every deal it has closed has obtained a nationally recognized green certification.